What do you do after you reach your goals? What about when you fall short of them, or worse, get injured? This week, "The League" discusses why goal setting is important for your fitness and life, and why your lack of focus and ass kicking is keeping you down. 

  • The Low Down On Goals: You can waste your time wanting to achieve greatness, or you can buckle up and get to work. Goals are a pivotal part in your athletic and personal development, so set S.M.A.R.T. ones and kick their ass!
  • Coming Back From Injury: There is a fine line between babying yourself and being a smarter athlete. Discover new ways to cope, plan, and execute your fitness and nutrition programs to come back stronger than before.
  • Staying King Of The Mountain: So you won a competition or two, and now you feel satisfied with your fitness. What now? How about getting even better instead of thinking that you won't fall off that mountain. Learn how to set new goals and develop an elite mentality to unlock new heights.
  • How To Deliver Results Program After Program: It's easy to become complacent if you are not used to success. Learn to progress your goals, set higher standards, and kick ass everyday to become truly amazing. And then, do it again.


See the "CrossFit Basic Strength Standards" here

See the "Olympic Weightlifting Standards" here *Based on Soviet Training Manuals*


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Mike Dewar "The Big White Kahuna"

Andre Crews "Crews Control"

Mike Barbot "Breezy"

Julio Gutierrez "The Barbell Whisperer"

Chris Espinal "The Supple Coach"


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