Episode #1: Eating Like An Ass, 80% Effort, And Conquering Your Gym Fears

In our first episode, the league discusses aspects that they find not only intriguing about attaining peak fitness, but also large issues and misconceptions for newbies, athletes, and coaches alike.

  • Bare Bones Nutrition: Stop eating like an ass and start feeding your body, mind, gains.
  • Overdoing It In The Gym: Stop trying to be perfect and be slightly better than your average.
  • Thinking Too Much: Stop over programming and over thinking your fitness plan.
  • Getting Over Your Fears: How to get over the fear of failure, injury, and not reaching your goals.


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Mike Dewar "The Big White Kahuna"

Andre Crews "Crews Control"

Mike Barbot "Breezy"

Julio Gutierrez "The Barbell Whisperer"

Chris Espinal "The Supple Coach"


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