When I started The Barbell CEO, I honestly wasn't sure what this would become. At first, it was a mere glimpse in the day to day lifestyle of a young strength coach, business owner, striving writer and author, washed-up athlete, and seeker of something more. I found myself documenting my struggles, my path towards quitting my corporate job, launching not one but two personal brands (one now my full-time job), and the mentality and lifestyle modifications that came with the deal.


I set out to be relatable, to show other people out there regardless of industry, that life is tough. It doesn't care that you are passionate about your craft, that you "work hard", or that you hold the some of the highest academic degrees in your field. I was hit with that harsh reality in 2012, when I graduated with a Masters degree from a renowned Ivy League institution here in New York City, and went on countless interviews for jobs that fit the "common path" of someone with my background. I felt I was being someone who I wasn't, and I felt like I was losing a core piece of who I was (the same piece that allowed me get up at 3:30AM to train at the gym prior to my 7am clients and grad school classes).


The Barbell CEO is the message, the mentality, and the lifestyle behind all of us who seek a fuller, deeper, and more connected life.


Each of you have the capacity to own more of your life, and to be your own Barbell CEO


By having the ability to be your own boss, or at least to start to own more of your own life, you will start to see life in a more fulfilling LENS.


I promise, 

Mike Dewar

Founder of The Barbell CEO