What do simple carbohydrates like cake, candy, and sugar have in common with deadlifts and muscle? The Fitness League discusses the power of calories, carbs, protein, and fat; and how to individualize your nutrition plan to reach your goals.

  • Calories Are King: Stop underestimating the power of the calorie. If you aren't eating as much as you need, or or just being a caloric glutton, your results will show for it. Science has repeatedly shown calories reign supreme for all fitness goals, so get it right.
  • Carbs Are NOT Created Equal: This isn't a shocker to most, however, if you are trying to remove sugar from your training nutrition, you are missing out. Excessively low carbohydrate eating plans lead to ZERO longitudinal gains. Learn how to simplify your eating plan and build a better relationship with carbs.
  • Protein Builds Muscle, So Eat Up: It is shocking how much information is out there, and how many people still fail to get jacked, lean, and see results in the gym. Obviously there is a lapse or misunderstanding regarding the role and utilization of protein in the fitness diet, and The Fitness League will not tolerate that any more!
  • Eat Fat to Be PHAT: Yea, we said it. Skinny boys and girls who fail to eat fat will NEVER see the long term health benefits and gains that fat can promote. Eat beastly to become beastly, and use fats wisely to cut down on empty calories!
  • Fitness Fad Diet UNVEILED: What does Paleo, Atkins, High-Protein, and Fat-Free Craze all have in common? They are fads...(sorry all you paleo faithful). At the root of every fad diet are some truths, but go overboard in one and you undermine the rest. The Fitness League discusses the pros and cons of popular eating methods and how to use the pros of each to reach your individual fitness goals.





Mike Dewar "The Big White Kahuna"

Andre Crews "Crews Control"

Mike Barbot "Breezy"

Julio Gutierrez "The Barbell Whisperer"

Chris Espinal "The Supple Coach"