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Welcome to The Barbell CEO!

My name is Michael Dewar. I have built this community to connect motivated and ambitious coaches, trainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs working to improve themselves across in 6 key areas of their lives.

We’ll cover all the topics that are important to you as a coach and/or athlete, such as sports science research, coaching applications, nutrition, life balance, business, relationships, and more.

About this time, a lot of people will ask me, “What makes you the expert?” The answer is, “I’m not.” I’ve got a unique background, set of experiences, and a desire to become a better coach, athlete, husband, leader, and man myself. I don’t have all the answers but I am on a journey to discover them.

I think you probably are too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, right?!

If you’re someone who is destined for more and you’re ready to live up to your full potential in your coaching, training, relationships inside and outside of the gym, business, and community, I invite you to join The Barbell CEO!

Step 1: Check Out the Podcast and Blog

The Barbell CEO Podcast is for motivated and ambitious coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs who want to become better in every area of their lives from improving their sports sciences knowledge, the art of coaching, running a business, personal growth, and more. Each week I have real, unscripted conversations with successful coaches, athletes, and individuals.

We cover all topics for you including strength and conditioning research, practical coaching applications, training tips, nutrition, business and management, life balance, leadership, relationships, and more. Our goal is to create a resource of information you care about. We have a group of amazing individuals who will offer their real-world insight for us on each of these topics. You can check out the categories here.

Step 2: Check out the Circle of Strength

The Circle of Strength was designed to help strength coaches, personal trainers, serious athletes, and entrepreneurs level up their lives. We are doing more than just talking about being better individuals – we’re actually doing the work required to be one. As a member of this elite mastermind community, you’ll have access to all the tools, resources, and connections you’ll need to dramatically increase your relationships, your knowledge, your wealth, your health, and yourself.

Step 3: Get Some Swag

Grab a hat, t shirt, or hoodie and make your statement.

Step 4: Connect with the Community

We want you join The Barbell CEO Community. You’ll learn from other like-minded coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs and we know that you will have your own stories and insights to share. Let’s elevate together!

Step 5: Browse Training and Coaching plans

We work with strength coaches, clubs, and athletes from all over the globe looking to increase performance, minimize stress, and get results. Choose from a variety of training programs and mobile apps developed by some of our previous podcast guest and top-notch strength and conditioning coaches.

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