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Join the circle of strength community today

The Circle of Strength was designed to help strength coaches, personal trainers, serious athletes, and entrepreneurs level up their lives. We are doing more than just talking about being better individuals – we’re actually doing the work required to be one. As a member of this elite mastermind community, you’ll have access to all the tools, resources, and connections you’ll need to dramatically increase your relationships, your knowledge, your wealth, your health, and yourself.


Weekly LIVE Virtual Calls

Every week you’ll have the opportunity to join us on a LIVE virtual call to discuss topics of the month.

Private Slack Channel

Access to the COS Slack Channel for ideas, suggestions, insight, and strategies to help you succeed.

Strength Squads

A team of 10 COS members will hold you accountable to the objectives, tactics, and vision you set.


Replay Sessions

Replay past live virtual calls in case you missed it. All weekly virtual calls will be available for replay

Exclusive Q & A

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in Q & A sessions on any topic you are struggling with.

12-Week Growth Plans

A powerful plan designed to help you identify key objectives in your growth and the tactics to get you there.


Networking Opportunities

Connect with COS members to expand your network and expand your opportunities for career growth.

Monthly Challenges

Each month, you’ll be challenged to step outside your comfort zone and learn new skills.

No Contracts

We want achievers. If you no longer want to be a part of the Circle of Strength you can leave at any time.

The COS is a chance to connect with coaches, learn new concepts, and unlock new opportunities and relationships.
— Mike Dewar