It can be tough thinking about finances, especially in a society where financial literacy is not emphasized in schools, college cost are costing an arm and a leg, and the social-economical scenes are changing by the day.

One thing I wish I knew about 10 years ago was how to invest (and side note, by no means am I a professional financial advisor). Aside from doing things like maxing out Roth IRA retirement accounts and/or being fortunate enough to have a company 401k and match program, most people don’t think about their next steps.

Locking down a financial strategy that includes things other than just your retirement account is key, as you cannot touch those funds until you are 59.5 years old (well, you can, but you shouldn’t in most cases, since you will get slapped with crazy penalties).

Therefore, in this article I want to introduce something that got my feet wet in the investing world and gave me the experience I needed to make decent returns over the first few years and feel confident to move onto bigger and better things!

Review of Stash App Investing

In the below video, I discuss my experience and insight on using STASH to invest. While there are other things out there, I went with this one because it was easy and convenient. Additionally, things like Betterment where not as popular at the time (which I also feel is a great way to invest for people who have no experience and don’t want to have to manage it daily).

I hope you enjoy my video review of Stash, and be sure to comment below.

New to investing? Here is how Stash helped me find my flow, save money, and make 13% on my investments... and walk away with $10,297 in less than 3 years! Here’s $5 to start investing on Stash.

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If you are new to investing, this may be for you. I started investing $100/month, and quickly got hooked and bumped my investments up to approximately $300/month! Note: I recently closed my Stash app account and withdraw my assets as I am now condifent to get into other investments that once scared me. A lot of people may say to not use Stash, but for me it helped me learn about the market, investing basics, and got me hooked!