2018 Goal Setting: Multi-Tasking Kills Success

With 2018 here, many of us (including myself) will be (or have already) sat down and set out our 2018 goals. In the past, I would list 10-20 things across my entire life (finances, career, hobbies, personal growth, sport and fitness, family) that I was resolved to address and improve upon.

Unfortunately, I, like many, can fall short of most of them, often feeling overwhelmed as the scope of such an undertaking takes hold.


 Multi-tasking is a chronic lack of focus...

After researching and reading literature about success, results, and getting shit done, it became apparent over and over again that one of the most impactful things we can do to succeed is to focus on one task at a time. Multi-tasking is a notion many of us claim to be good at, but rather all it does is make us crappy at a million things. At the end of 2017, I began instilling some habits during my writing blocks to develop new habits to help me focus and minimize distractions. Not only was I able to cut down my writing blocks from 80 minutes to 65 minutes, my articles became less ridden with typos and more concise.

I highly recommend reading “The One Thing” by Garry Keller and Jay Papasan, a New York Times Bestseller, which uncovers the truth behind the myths of multi-tasking, how to de-clutter your goals, and ultimately take immediate action towards success. Thank you to online entrepreneur and Smart Passive Income host, Pat Flynn, for personally recommending this one to me.


Habits take 3x as long to develop as we thought... 

New research suggest that habits take much longer to develop than what some may hear, almost 3 times as long (on average, habits take 66 days to develop, some longer and/shorter than others). What this means is you need to stick it out, and force yourself to build the “discipline”.

Successful people don’t have a lot of goals...

This year, I challenge you to look at your list of goals, and ask yourself which one will have the most immediate impact on your life. While long term focus is important, short term laser focus is a necessity to success. Control the day to day, and the journey will create the prize (as long as you are focusing on the right things).


Here’s how I plan to take immediate action towards my goals...

Below are my top goals for each facet of my life (finances, business, family, personal growth, fitness and health). Note, that many of these have carryover to the next, making it even easier to focus in on what I must do.

I challenge you to do the same, even going as far as posting on your IG account and tag me personally or using #thebarbellceo or share in the comments below.

Additionally, under each goal are 1-3 actionable behaviors/tasks (A-B-C) I will do with focused attention (one at a time), as well as my “why”, which is a powerful motivator for success and change. Without a why, you will have no will to change.

Only then will redo this process and proceed, as many goals and tasks can change as one proceeds. 

1.  Increase Liquid Savings by $15,000

  • review and restructure company budget/expenses
  • review and restructure investments and savings strategy
  • cut unnecessary spending/services from business and personal
  • WHY?! - To have liquid funds for house down payment, future relocation needs, and/or business investment 

2. Travel (Domestic and International)

  • book and plan all 2018 travel
  • continue to write online (remote work)
  • WHY?! - Diversify my perspectives and connect deeper with others (and my wife, who we love to travel together) 

3. Focus on J2FIT and Personal Online Precense

  • publish two original articles per month on j2fit.com
  • Work with large publications (contacts, etc)
  • WHY?! - Increase business revenue and online sales to foster above goals 

4. Grow as a Writer, Coach, and Influencer

  • continue to put my best into every BarBend
  • connect with coaches and athletes on Train Heroic, and continue to provide programming to fit the needs of athletes and fitness goers
  • offer motivational, educational, and fresh content across IG, blogs, and and email newsletters (published twice per month). Subscribe for email newsletter here.
  • WHY?! - Personal growth working industry, and to foster growth of all of other goals, as this is one of the most impactful aspects of what I do.

5. Total 275kg at 94kg Olympic Weightlifter

  • take care of my joints and recovery
  • continue to address weaknesses (strength)
  • continue online coaching for my goals
  • WHY?! - Love of the game, son!

Ok, now it’s your turn...

Love to hear what your thoughts are on this below in the comments. Want to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for all the amazing no bullshit inspirations, Pat Flynn for steering me down my path as a soloprenuer, and companies like BarBend, Train Heroic, fitness brands and ambassorships like Reebok, New York University Strength and Conditioning, and CrossFit Union Square for believing in me and my abilities, drive, and commitment to put the best version of myself out there.