5 Tips To Create Amazing Content And Social Influence from YouTube Sensation and Makeup Mogul, Michelle Phan


Who is Michelle Phan?

Entrepreneur, YouTube Video Blogger, and Makeup Mogul

  • Over 8 Million YouTube Subscribers
  • 1.1 Billion Lifetime YouTube Views
  • YouTube's Top 100 Channels of 2014 (#48)
  • 2015 Forbes and Inc "30 Under 30" List
  • In 2015, took Ipsy from a $100 Million value to over $500 Million.


Michelle's Entrepreneurial Journey

Like many of us entrepreneurs, Michele has always been creative and driven.


In 2005, Michelle began personal blogging on Xanga, where she discussed and demonstrated different makeup tutorials. As she gained traction, she started to video blog on her YouTube channel taking on further requests for instructions on makeup applications and design.


Almost 5 years later, Michele finally went VIRAL when she was featured on BuzzFeed for two makeup tutorials on "How To Get Lady Gaga's Eyes". That helped her receive over 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers!


As she gained popularity and a following, Lancôme, a renowned makeup company hired her as their official video makeup artist. Shortly after she launched MyGlam, now Ipsy, a subscription based beauty product monthly service. She also launched her own cosmetic line, book, and partnership with Cutting Edge Group.


What can we all learn from Michelle?

In Michelle's sit down with Nathan Chan, Founder of Foundr, an Entrepreneur Magazine and Podcast, she shared her story, tips, and insight that all entrepreneurs can apply to their businesses and lives.


  1. You MUST love what you do. When she started, she had no idea it would become what it is today. Many entrepreneurs chase money and get rich fantasies instead of their passions. If you are passionate about your niche, you will be able to do whatever it takes to become an empire.
  2. You need to KNOW your audience/niche. Determine what your interests are and what you are passionate about. Start there and dig deeper. Don't chase other niches. Today, the Internet and social media give power back to the people, and a "niche" may very well be millions of people. Establish your niche, and own it.
  3. Create GREAT content. You need to find creativity and innovation around you. Michelle draws creativity and passion from nature, international trends, surfing the web, and even her dreams. Experiment with different content methods like blogging, iMovie, YouTube, and Camtasia! The more you experiment the better you will be at defining your best methods for content creation.
  4. Be a STORYTELLER. Sharing her story and offering guidance to others was her best way to create a passionate following. Being genuine and open with her audience allowed her to connect on a higher level. Keep communication as a two way street, and learn to interact and listen to your audience and their needs.
  5. NEVER stop creating. As cliche as this may be, you need to continue to push forth through failure and success. Learn from your mistakes and always find new ways to make your successes even better.

To listen to Michelle's full sit down with Nathan Chan, listen HERE!


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