Entrepreneurial Life Lessons from a Canadian EDM Remix Artist and a Montreal-Based Folk/Post Indie/Alternative Band

As entrepreneurs, we must all adopt the mindset that we truly can achieve a goal that we believe in. We must be resourceful, enduring, and open to learning from every opportunity. We wear many hats in our business and life, and we are always looking for better solutions to the problems we face daily.


I just recently visited Montreal; a hip, clean, and modern Canadian city that is a perfect fusion of hipster Brooklyn, neighborhoods in France, and the modern feel of New York City. The culture is rich in history and hungry for excitement, and creativity.


In our last day of our long weekend, we stumbled upon a concert series in Old Port, Montreal, hosted by YUL EAT Festival. Little did I know I would not only find two great and unique musical artists that I have told countless people about in the past 48hrs, but also learn a thing or two about business, branding, and a successful mentality. Thanks to two up and coming, hungry, and passionate artists, I was able to learn and share with you what they taught me.


1. Be Crazy and Don't Give A Damn


As I watched the first band take the stage, they had this air about them that was contagious. You could see the passion, excitement, and focus that was going into their performance.


Like many of us, John Jacob Magistery was at one point, the outliers of their circle. We have all felt at some point too different, afraid to show our true colors, and too consumed with what others may think.


I found it interesting how as a society we embrace the musical "outcasts"; the successful minds that were psychotic in their drive to be the best. Sure, many people would call them crazy, but if that means successful, happy, and passionate about what their purpose is, I'm all in for that.


When you have a distinct passion and vision for something, never let others detract your from that. Who cares if you are "too focused", "too stubborn", and "too demanding". Your standard of excellence is what matters. There will be many along the way that will make you feel that you are asking for too much, and quite frankly, forget them.

Be open to opportunities and constructive criticism, but forget the cynics and the haters.
— The Barbell CEO


2. Assume Every Interaction is an Opportunity


You will never know who will walk through your door, who you will meet, and the possibilities that may come when you least expect.


That evening, my fiancé and I were on an impromptu long weekend trip to Montreal to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. We were eager for excitement, culture, and spontaneity.


When we came across Rich Aucoin, his energy was contagious. His passion radiated, and he made us feel alive. Within the first 5 minutes of his show he distinguished himself as an outlier, a unique artist, and someone who would not only play music but would offer a memorable experience.


No matter what you do, you need to realize that every person you meet has a story, and every interaction you have could allow yourself to become a part of it. The opportunity to expand your network and relationships opens new doors and potential for mental, physical, and business growth.

Capturing an audience and engaging them is the key to branding and business growth. When you can offer an experience to people that exceeds their expectations, you will build a following that will embrace who and what your brand is.
— The Barbell CEO

3. Authenticity Shows So Don't Be A Bullshitter


Think of someone or some brand you love. Why are you loyal to them? It may be because their product is amazing, but it also may be because they stand for something that resonates with you.


Seeing I am immensely passionate about the mental and physical outcomes that are developed through physical training, I can see very quickly coaches, trainers, and individuals that are not authentic in their actions.


I was drawn into their two performances because both groups were authentic. They genuinely loved performing, engaging with strangers, and seeing something they have worked so hard to produce actually be a great benefit to others.


When you can be real, upfront, and authentic with your brand, you will gain the trust and respect of many true followers. Sure, many people may disagree with some of the things you do, but who cares. Stop catering to everyone and find that group of individuals who need and want you the most.

The worst thing you can do is be too afraid to show your colors, try to please everyone, and to not stand your ground as a brand. The world is full of mediocre people. Be unique, and be passionate about what you do.
— The Barbell CEO


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