JJ Watt Unveils His First Reebok Training Shoe in New York City

Meet the JJ Watt Reebok Training Shoe (JJ1)


Today, JJ Watt unveiled his new Reebok Training shoe to the world, stating that his shoe not only is it the most sturdy, lightweight, strong, athletic, and best looking training shoe, it is the BEST TRAINING SHOE for real athletes. 


Among editors and media alike, JJ released his shoe and led a group based training program for top sports, fashion, and fitness writers and media to try out his shoe first hand. I was fortunate enough to be a part of his release day with my brand sponsor, ReebokONE, and had the opportunity to coach and lead media through JJ's routine. Among the media lists were; Sports Illustrated, Stack, Men's Journal, Men's Fitness, Grungy Gentleman, Vice Sports, Nice Kicks, Ask Men, Esquire, Bleacher Report, Sneaker News, and Reebok.


JJ's Motivation for Greatness and an Amazing Shoe #HuntGreatness

JJ didn't just project power, he projected passion. He spoke about what drives him, and what he feels is the key to achieving personal greatness every day. This shoe deal and release was more than a year in the making, and a culmination of his childhood dreams. Always hunt for greatness, and you will find your success!


JJ's Shoe Dream Becomes a Reality

JJ and the Reebok team spent over a year collecting data, designing, redesigning, and field testing "the best training shoe ever". JJ was meticulous in every aspect of the shoe. JJ wanted to create the BEST shoe, meaning ongoing discussions via text messages, phone calls, emails, and even cross country trips to Reebok HQ to make sure the shoe was perfect. 

This shoe was made to be the best overall training shoe for athletes. One shoe to rule them all. His vision was to create a shoe that athletes could jump in, squat in, run in, pull cars with, flip tires, and snatch in.


JJ's Shoe Release Workout

JJ trains hard, that is NO secret. His shoes need to withhold a man that is:

  •  6'5"
  • 290lbs
  • can jump 61 inches
  • deadlift nearly 700lb
  • flip 1,000lb tires
  • look good doing all of that...

This is the sample workout we ran media through to acclimate them to the JJ Watt training experience.


How I Put JJ Watt's New Shoes to the Test

After hours of watching media and JJ flip tires, push sleds, sprint, and jump, I figured it was time for me to give it a go. The shoe was:

  • strong and stable
  • good heel stiffness (for weightlifting and squatting)
  • flat yet comfortable (agility and speed)
  • nice toe box, even for flat footed people (great for agility and not rolling ankle)
  • white and clean (very stylish)

I decided to take it to the gym to throw around some heavy-ish weights, then I ran home...


What We As Entrepreneurs Can Learn from JJ Watt

If you have read this far, this may have sounded like a massive plug for JJ Watt and Reebok. To be clear, I do not get any commissions off of this, unless they wanna send some my way haha. That said, I RESPECT these two companies greatly. JJ has not only crushed it as an athlete, but he is always creating bigger and better things. He made a name for himself, and instead of stopping there, he became a brand. 

The Barbell CEO is all about people empowering themselves to become stronger leaders and entrepreneurs, athletes and coaches, and beings. JJ created a logo, sought out partners, and set his sights on what every boy dreams of when they play pee-wee football...a professional NFL shoe deal...

So congrats JJ, for not only signing with Reebok, releasing your new shoes, but also being a leader and motivation to all of us!


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PS, this was a fun one to write. This article is a snapshot at what you can do if you just go out there and grab it. I never would have thought I would be doing what I am today, and I am thankful for everyone out there who has inspired me to become better. I hope I help everyone do the same!