How To Start Your Business and Brand: Getting Started

Starting a business is hard work. Nearly 25% of businesses FAIL within their first 12 MONTHS! 

To further the challenges that many entrepreneurs are faced with, minimal capital and formal experience can lead to time inefficiency and mental fatigue. Utilizing cost and time effective resources are key to your success.


Every single day I am learning, and it's true, "If I only knew then what I know now." Many aspects of my business and the systems I have now could and SHOULD have and been implemented from the start. In doing so, I would have saved myself hours of mundane work, long nights, migraines, anxiety attacks, and money. Not to mention I may have even accelerated my business and personal success!

How to Get Started: The Basics

Meet Mike. Mike is a school teacher hailing from Houston, Texas. Mike contacted me about a two weeks ago with some specific questions that he is facing trying to bring his passion of education, business, and branding to life. His questions sparked deeply rooted fears and anxiety within me, as I remembered the exact same issues when I started. I quickly answered his questions, and even made a 40 minute video blog to go deeper. This is the full summary on our conversations. You can directly download the exact questions and answers sheet that Mike and I collaborated upon to additionally help you on your journey. Let's get started!

Mike's Questions:

  • What does MY average day look like? 
  • What needs to be done WEEKLY and MONTHLY?
  • What are the biggest mistakes made starting out?
  • How important is social media?
  • How do you develop a social media strategy?
  • When should someone set up a trademark, LLC, or legal business? HOW?
  • What is the best way to make a website?
  • What are some helpful tools/products to improve your business/time management?
  • When and how do we make custom branded shirts, hats, and other swag?
  • Any other words of advice?

The Barbell CEO's Answers:

  • Click HERE to open up the actual answer sheet that Mike and I collaborated on!
  • Watch the FULL Coaching session below to get more in-depth answers and coaching!

In this Q & A session we discuss everything you need to know about getting started:

- Daily calendars

- Weekly/Monthly To Do's - Social Media Marketing - Legalities (LLC, Trademarks, etc)

- Website Development

- Investing Personal Funds

- Branded Swag

- AND MORE ALSO, download my FREE Personal Branding Ebook