How To Become A Sponsored Fitness Professional: 7 Steps To Build A Better You

Have you ever asked yourself how you can score FREE training gear, nutritional supplements, and meet the best coaches and athletes in the world? If you are like me, there was (or currently is) a point in your life where you wanted to be part of a sponsorship/endorsement relationship with a premiere fitness company. 

If this sounds like you, these seven tips may shed some light on what you can do right now to start your journey. I was fortunate enough to have done these well; and busted my butt to get what I have today. You too can do the same.

1. Determine Your Personality

When you sit down and be honest with yourself, you gain clarity and insight that will help you develop your brand, channel your intrinsic motivations, and gain momentum for success. 


Bottom Line:

Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.
— Marilyn vos Savant

2. Know Your S%*@!

Do you need to have a Bachelors and Masters degree to be successful? No! Does it help, maybe...


I wish I could sit here and say that I got sponsored by ReebokONE by having those two formal degrees; it would have been much easier if it was true. As a coach and fitness professional, you need to ALWAYS be evolving. You need to read coaching manuals, watching YouTube, attend events and conferences, and love what you are learning. 


After I graduated I was left with no job and no long term plan. I resorted to reading and learning everything I could on strength training, olympic weightlifting, and strength and conditioning programming. I wanted to get stronger and more athletic, and in turn I had the energy and drive to learn it and teach others. 


Bottom Line: Never stop learning. When you think you know everything, you know nothing.

3. Walk the Walk If You Gonna Talk The Talk

If I was to endorse an athlete, young coach, or hungry entrepreneur, he/she better be willing to not only practice what they preach, but also live it. Everyone would love a sponsorship and endless opportunities for growth, however; very few are ready to take on the responsibilities and effort it takes to build something that others want to be a part of. 


Every morning I wake up knowing it is on me (as well as my co-founder's) to take the helm. There are no corporate bail outs and no safety nets. We need to be in the best physical shape we can be because life will most certainly try to knock us down. The mentality that goes along with this lifestyle is one that you need to adopt very fast if you hope to put in the time and energy necessary to become a sponsored coach and successful fitness entrepreneur. 


Bottom Line: Be You and Do It Daily

4. Don't Be Superficial on Social Media

It's no secret that social media is on this list. Social media is a booming marketing space for large business and start-ups. Social media is FREE, and is extremely effective for creating a buzz around what you are doing and what you have to offer to potential fitness and nutritional sponsorships.


When I had the opportunity to be a sponsored strength coach by ReebokONE, I had already been active on many of these platforms, integrating strategies that not only increased my followers and likes in a genuine manner, but also attracted the attention of other companies and professionals.


Bottom Line: You need to be honest on you social media. People can smell bullsh$# from a mile away, as can you. Be real, be genuine, and work hard.

5. Bust Your A$$ Every Day

This goes along with number 3 from above. I always tell myself that I cannot have a bad day. Will there be hiccups, ups and downs, and failures? You know it. Almost daily! You cannot, however, let those brew within you. You need to push past the negative thoughts and be a leader for yourself and others. 


Bottom Line: Set a routine, and stick to it. When you develop a pattern of success by busting your a$$ daily in the gym and in your business, you will gain momentum and confidence that will attract an audience ready to be a part of your growth. 

6. NEVER Burn Bridges

This is something everyone has heard and yet people still torch relationships and future opportunities. When I was younger and my ego was even bigger than it currently is, I wouldn't take criticism well, if at all. I was always civil, but had a chip on my shoulder in certain situations. 


As I grew wiser, I understood that the best way to grow is to allow yourself to meet others, view different perspectives, and never leave things on bad terms. You never know when a random interaction with a stranger will come back to haunt you, or when a Facebook fight will blemish your social media cred. 


Bottom line: Be humble, stay positive, and try to see the best in people. It will be contagious for success.

7. Volunteer Your Time and Expertise 

We all have something to give. The opportunities are endless, you just need to determine what you want to do, and then go DO IT! 


For example, I love strength and conditioning, athletics, blogging, and business. I have and am offering: 

  • Strength coaching expertise by volunteering at sporting events
  • Coach high school and college athletic teams
  • Offer free bootcamps
  • Create an online brand that offers free training and nutrition insight
  • Be a contributing author on reputable websites. 

Bottom Line: By offering your time you create relationships with other powerful minds and increase your exposure to new sponsorship opportunities.


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