6 Strong and Motivational Females You Need To Follow on Instagram

At TheBarbellCEO, we are all about raising the standards of coaches and athletes. Social media is one of the best, and worst, tools for sharing information to the masses. The GOOD is that it is so easy to spread AMAZING content online for free, and to help build your brand! The BAD is that typically a select few accounts own a large amount of followers, and may or may not actually be spreading amazing content and messages. 


What Makes Them So Special

We sat down and scoured Instagram for ladies that are exemplifying the standards at which we hold dear:

  • Leaders: Every single one of these women are leaders. They lead athletes, teams, fitness communities, and one another towards self and physical betterment.
  • Educated: They are all committed to learning and becoming better coaches. They do not just rely on their great looks, but also their minds.
  • Super Fit: They are super fit, and/or crank out amazing super fit humans.
  • Genuine: They are real people, not fake accounts. They are active coaches and are an integral part of their community.
  • Passionate: They have been doing this way before it was cool. Props.


1. @A_Hudy (Andrea Hudy)

Andrea Hudy is a nationally acclaimed sports performance coach for the NCAA Kansas Jayhawks is one of the most successful female strength and conditioning coaches in the NCAA. She has coached some of the best athletes, and has been a part of turning some of them professional athletes. She is a top coach for the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well. Her account is informative, practical training videos, and a glimpse of what it takes to be one of the best in the world.

2. @SabrinaStrong (Sabrina Cohen)

Sabrina Cohen is a group fitness instructor, boxer, and amazing individual. She is not only passionate about her own fitness and health, she has a cult following of hundreds of people who count on her daily to lead them to elite fitness. Her account is filled with her day to day doings, nutritional posts, and some badass video clips from her training. If you ever wondered how fit class instructors can be, check here out!

3. @elspeth_katherine (Elspeth Dana)

Elspeth Dana is a rising star for fitness accounts. She built her account on being real, transparent, and genuine. Through being her, she became a ReebokONE Fitness Ambassador, Dymatize Athlete, and super fit trainer. Her posts range from gym motivation, fitness modelling shoots, workout clips, nutrition series, and more! She is a true inspiration to anyone out there looking to launch themselves through hard work and consistency. 

4. @AthleteStyle (Laurel Wassner)

Laurel Wassner is a professional triathlete and photographer. Her account follows her love of travel, running, swimming, food, and photography. As a entrepreneur and athlete, she embodies what The Barbell CEO loves...passionate individuals doing what they love and making a brand/business out of it! Her posts are colorful, real, and 100% motivational!

5. @Jones_Strength (Kim Jones)

Kim Jones is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder, highly educated exercise science professional, and certified strength and conditioning coach. She holds some of the highest credentials in the fields of strength and conditioning/fitness, and knows it! Her posts are highly motivational and educational. The cool thing about Kim is she has mass and niche appeal, as she is not only a fitness model, she is also super strong, does Olympic weightlifting, and competes in bodybuilding. The all around account to follow!

6. @JordanWeichers (Jordan Weichers)

Jordan Weichers is a 58kg Olympic weightlifting lifter for the California Strength team, certified strength and conditioning coach, and USA weightlifting performance coach. She holds some of the top credentials AND competes at the highest of levels in her field. She OWNS HER STRENGTH. Her account is a beautiful balance of training, coaching, and a lifestyle that embodies what The Barbell CEO is all about. Have fun, be great, and change lives!


Did we miss your favorite accounts? Comment below and let us know who we missed so we can take a look and potentially reach out to them for some future press releases and opportunities!


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