5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Brand With Social Media

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As strength and conditioning coaches, most of us found our passion in the gym and on the playing field. We are masters of our physical craft, and can articulate the most complex training methodologies to anyone and everyone.


In the evolving world of fitness, however, being a coach is not enough. Marketing your brand, increasing website traffic, and circulating your name and face within your community and professional circles will lead to increased business opportunities, financial growth, and most importantly, the impact you have as a coach.


5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Brand


#1: Customize Content to Its Best Platform

Content can be anything that delivers something valuable to your audience. Videos, pictures, blog articles, free downloads, ebooks, and podcasts are all great avenues for marketing. It’s worth considering how to use different social media platforms to best draw attention to your content:


  • Facebook: A great platform to share all of your content. You can be wordier with your posts and direct your audience to take action via links to your website.
  • Instagram: Quality pictures, short videos, recipes, and motivational quotes do well on this platform. Keep posts short and sweet, and only post if you have something valuable to say.
  • Twitter: Perfect for sharing links to ebooks, articles, and other online content - Twitter is a great platform for increasing web traffic. The key here is to hook your audience at a glance, so be concise and upfront with what you are talking about.
  • LinkedIn: If your market audience is established professionals with educational and workplace experience, then this is a great way to generate web traffic to your blog articles and web content. Keep pictures and videos off of this platform, unless they are professional.